Drawing plan. Top secret.

21 Aug

steal the moon

So I watched ‘Despicable Me’ and I have decided that Gru definitely needs to know how to do it. Everyone is going about it the wrong way. The moon cannot be a possession. So here is my idea, my evil plan.

So long suckers!!! Die Vector! Cry, Gru! Go back to your baby gawls, and kwiss them all nighty night!!!


Calling all aidable and abettable villans

I have a plan. This is to shock the world. I require your help with technical issues.

I am not interested in riches or fame. Just self satisfaction.

I intend to gain it by stealing the moon and storing it where no one will ever find it. Ever again.

Not even you.

Reply if you will help me, though I can not promise any returns.


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