3 Sep

I do not know if this is a whim or a fancy… but I have a sudden yearning to have a child… until very recently I held the conventional ‘Oh, babies are loud. Babies are a responsibility’. But I don’t know if my experiences have subtly changed something in me, or it is a natural hormone created in the months towards my 22nd that make me want to have a child…

I never believed the nonsense about children completing you, and womens’ bodies were made to give babies. But what I do know, is that I am starting. Starting to be mentally ready to have my own child… I always knew I would never love a human like I love my dogs… but would that change if I had my own child? Now, I am beginning to see that I would be the kind of mother who would buy a pair of dogs as my child’s birth gift, let them sleep together, by my side… I would love all of them…

Husband? Who said anything about a husband?


One Response to “babies?”

  1. Sixthirtythree September 11, 2010 at 6:35 am #

    Yep, no husband needed to have a baby. Husband’s complicate things, but on the other hand, when you find the right husband who supports you as a person, helps you with the kids and dogs, and around the house, and still loves you for all your quirks, then you’ve got a good man. Good luck with that!

    So, go have a baby first. But then you have to watch out for pedophiles when you are dating. And some men don’t want to date women with children.

    So, if you’ve got dogs, and you’re still young enough to wait, stick with dogs for a little while longer. 🙂

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