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dog drip

4 Aug

To have one’s love lick one. And oneself. My dog has devised a new way of hitting two things at one shot at pleasure… she licks her leg and my leg together. Half a tongue for hers and the other half… for mine. My dog’s licking habits aren’t something I have a say in… she licks just exactly what she wants… and I don’t complain as long she saves a slurp or two for my feet. So thats Susha and J lo to all of you. keep with a licking distance of us, and you know you are going to stick around for a while. While I busy myself with some market research on music- art- a- doos ¬†who could have been tragically undiscovered if it weren’t for ‘xxx’, in the hope that I have answers for ALL MY QUESTIONS waiting, out there.