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But its over…

12 Sep

My hand twitches at thought

an involuntary thing. it can’t be stopped

I try to defect, diverge, distract

but somehow you always surface to the top

I keep thinking I owe you something

I need to rationalise what I’ve lost

your touch, breath, eyes on me

your love, my pain, now a feeling gone soft

Few things tumble in and out of my head

sensations clasp my middle

electricity runs through my fingertips

I cant shake off the rarity with which I fiddle

How can something I thought right

turn out so wrong? so unreal?

this HAS to be the end

but it can’t possibly be, for real

I keep thinking I owe you something

I need to rationalise what I’ve lost

your touch, breath, eyes on me

your love, my pain, now a feeling gone soft


What exactly am i?

26 Aug

So a friend of mine and I want to start our own design line… with completely natural fibres- linen, muslin and the likes, and make comfortable yet chic clothes for all. We have a bunch of ideas, and I’ve done so many sketches, I’m itching to wear them!

The thing is, with all my music happening, I hardly have time or energy to take on such a big thing… but I cant seem to stop thinking about, and really really want to start my own line… dresses, hats, shoes…

Books… I keep thinking about my book… I’m writing a top- secret book that borrows from the life of a legend, but is actually my own version of what might have gone on in her head… I also want to collaborate with my friend for a book we plan to call ‘gravity’. And, I wish disney would one day look at me… my biggest dream is to star and sing in my own disney princess movie. =)

And, i have GOT to get down to all the paintings waiting for me… so many ideas, everything ready. Just not yet put my hand to the brush and the brush to the board.

I guess jewellery design will have to wait.

Artseek, a company I’ve started with my friend, will survive… mainly because of my friend. He knows what to push for from me. =)


Musician? Nah… artist? Maybe. Creator… yeah. Creator.

biology for two

6 Aug

Slowly… bending, looking up

At your whiteness, standing still, frozen

You envelope me, pick me up

Reveal me to myself

Wait. Don’t hold me back, let me go

Swing swing swing… now I’m on top

Now you are. Ow! Don’t let me go all together

I’m free… wait… what?

Ok. Come with me. Swing me up to that.

Now I can reach it… why won’t you let me go?!

Whoa… now I see. The world is all mine.

In front of me. Just for me.

Don’t, don’t! I will forget.

Great. I have forgotten.

Are you ok? Have I said something wrong?

I have something you want don’t I?

I will join you. Help you.

Take me. Now we are one. I move when you move

You move when I think.

A circle… a line. A form.

Propel me, pull me back, twist me, turn with me.

Can you walk now? I have more.

I will take you. Yes?

Don’t complicate things yet. It does not have to be so.

Aren’t you a fast learner? Ah… that’s it.

It has been too much. Who ARE you?

May I leave now? I don’t want to.

But I should.

Maybe you won’t let me. I knew you won’t.

Don’t feel so bad. Ok I will stay.

Though I am here, only for you.

Take me to your home.